Dear Consumer,

Thank you for taking an interest in your health care costs. Navigating questions regarding billing can feel overwhelming so we've assembled this resource to help you determine the costs for certain procedures.

You can download the complete price list for all services in either Excel (click this link) or a comma separated value CSV (click this link). You can also download the complete list of Diagnosis Related Group listings in either Excel (click this link) or a comma separate value CSV (click this link). Please note that prices listed do not include costs for professional fees of physicians. Also, note that many procedures and tests require multiple line items to be billed.

You can estimate your out of pocket cost by clicking this link (click this link).

To connect with our scheduling department, please call (317) 468-4600. Additionally, if at any time you are unable to afford required health care procedures we recommend reviewing our financial assistance policy.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Business Office at (317) 468-4900 or send an email to

Thank you.